2017 is bringing a number of new and exciting activities for visitors to The Gap.  Look out for:

Pound (Monday’s 7.00 – 7.45pm) – Channel your inner Rockstar with this full-body cardio jam session of a workout inspired by drumming.  Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, torch calories and tone while rocking out to your favourite music.

Veraflow (Wednesday’s 7.30 – 8.30pm) – Dance, stretch and find your true flow in this class like none other you have ever experienced. VeraFlow is just what you need to feel completely relaxed and content. Find your true flow in body and mind as you stretch your body and train your mind to the rhythm of the music

K9 Concepts (Friday’s 11.00-12.00noon) – Learn how to use positive training techniques to strengthen the bond you have with your dog and teach them that good behaviour results in good things.

Mini Mandarin Musicians (Friday’s 10.00 – 10.45am) – Learn Mandarin and music through interesting and creative activities in a friendly bilingual environment.  The weekly classes will start on 3rd March 2017 at the Gap Community Centre.  Please come with your little ones!

These new classes add to the extensive timetable we already have in place at The Gap – click here for a full list of the activities, support groups and workshops we provide in our warm and welcoming Community Centre.