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Computer Cafe Press Release

16 January 2020

Warwick community centre’s computer classes help older adults go paperless for the environment

The Gap community centre in Warwick is offering over 55s the chance to learn how to go online and help the environment by going paperless, at its Computer Café starting on Monday 3rd February at 10.30 am.

Running for nine weeks, the two-hour sessions, priced at £2 each including a hot drink, offer older adults the opportunity to hone their internet skills so they can save paper by applying for blue badges and TV licenses online, as well as ordering shopping, emailing or Skyping the grandchildren and following family news on Facebook.

As the world battles to meet rigorous carbon cutting targets, going paperless is an easy way for individuals to help reduce deforestation, saving vital trees that absorb carbon dioxide, slowing down climate change.

Led by Gap volunteers John and Jean Morgan, assisted by Frank Sturzaker and John Radford, the drop-in classes can answer whatever technology question the participant needs help with, such as how to use the tablets, smart phones and laptops, they have been given by family to keep in touch, or “How do I use Excel on my tablet?” Nothing is unwelcome or too easy to ask, even “Where’s the ‘on’ button?” is perfectly okay. Participants need to bring their own devices to the sessions.

Cafe regular, Fay Hughes, 80, wanted to make her weekly food shop less of a burden. She said: “It’s great knowing if my daughter can’t take me shopping, or the weather’s bad, thanks to the volunteers at The Gap Computer Café I can do my food shopping online and it’s delivered straight to my door.”

“Jean, Frank and the two Johns are so helpful and patient. I will definitely come to the next set of classes as I need help using iPlayer,” she added.

The Gap’s Older Adult’s Project Coordinator, Christine Cherry, said, “The main aim of our Older Adult’s programme is to help alleviate social isolation, improve health, wellbeing and mobility and offer life-long learning to keep the brain active. The Computer Café gives people the opportunity to learn new skills, improve their dexterity and challenge their mind, whilst building friendships. Instead of needing to embark on a formal I.T. qualification, individuals are helped according to their needs in a relaxed environment.”

The Gap community centre offers a varied programme of activities for older people throughout the week.  For more information call 01926 494200 or visit the website at  The community centre is located at 39 Oakwood Grove, opposite the chantry shops, Spinney Hill. It is run by The Gap registered charity, which welcomes donations and offers business sponsorship opportunities.

Keep Moving

8 January 2020

New ‘Keep Moving’ class at Warwick community centre helps older adults with New Year fitness resolutions

The Gap Community centre at Spinney Hill, Warwick is welcoming older adults to its relaunched Keep Moving class, which aims to help over 55s keep their New Year fitness resolutions by staying healthy and active.

Formerly known as Extend, the friendly Tuesday morning class from 9.30 to 10.30 am, includes a varied exercise programme to help with circulation, core strength, flexibility and brain health and is welcoming new participants.

Including low cardio exercises and gentle dance moves to 60’s and 70’s music, chair yoga, neurological routines and Chinese Daoism acupressure tapping, the class is split between standing and seated exercise. Chairs are on hand to lean on for support or to sit down for a quick breather. The class costs £5 including tea, coffee and chat, which is on offer at the Gap café afterwards.

Many of the class’s regular customers have been coming for years and see it as an ideal solution to improve their fitness and beat the social isolation experienced by many older adults in Warwick.

Marjorie Watson, 88 said: “The most important thing about the class is you meet people and it gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I notice if I don’t come.”

Dorothy Evans, 78, who has been attending for nine years, said: “It puts a spring in my step, and I feel better afterwards.”

Qualified fitness instructor Karina Karamian has been teaching at The Gap for five years. She said: “I love working at The Gap because I like helping people and can see the improvement from week to week. As well as physical fitness, the classes are challenging brain activity, which is helping the older adults stay fit and active to be able to look after themselves. We don’t take it too seriously and often have a giggle.”

Other exercise classes at The Gap include Tai Chi, Yin Yoga, Form & Flow Pilates, Zumba Gold, Nifty Over 50, Karate and Yin Repair Workshop.

The Gap community centre is located at 39 Oakwood Grove, opposite the chantry shops, Spinney Hill. Call 01926 494200 for more information or visit the website at

The Gap registered charity welcomes donations and offers business sponsorship opportunities