Our Volunteers

The Gap is fortunate to have over 25 dedicated volunteers, whom without their help, we would not have the capacity to deliver important services for the local community. Volunteers help with a variety of different tasks including: gardening, painting, general maintenance, ICT and support with running activities. Our Trustees, who are also volunteers, have helped to guide and steer the organisation in the right direction allowing us to continue with the excellent services we provide.

The combined effort of staff and volunteers results in providing a safe, welcoming and enjoyable environment for all service users.

We appreciate and are very grateful for the support of so many volunteers who gladly donate their time and skills to help their local community.

Award Winning

In 2010 we received a Civic Award from Warwick District Council in recognition of the work we do within the local community and in 2013, we were awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services which is the equivalent of the MBE for volunteer groups.

How Volunteering Can Help You

Volunteering provides benefits for the local community as well as for the volunteers. For example, if you choose to volunteer for a charity or not for profit organisation you could benefit from:

  • Improve your chance of gaining paid employment
  • Give you formal and informal training opportunities
  • Provide the chance to meet new friends
  • Increase your confidence and overall wellbeing

If you are interested in volunteering with The Gap, please contact Bronwyn Lockham on 01926 494200 or bronwyn.lockham@thegapwarwick.org


Here’s a genuine example of how volunteering for The Gap changed one woman’s life:

Jane’s Story

(Name has been changed)

Jane was introduced to the Gap as the mother of two troubled children who were members of the Youth Club. Her family were known to Social Services with her children at one point having been taken into care; she was in an abusive relationship; didn’t have a job and had very little self-confidence. Initially she was distrustful of any support we tried to offer, but through a combination of listening, signposting, mentoring and support, we gradually gained her trust.

As the trust grew, Jane became very open about her relationship with her husband and her situation at home. One of the most difficult decisions Jane took was to separate from her husband having identified that the relationship was not healthy for her or her children.

At that point the children decided not to attend Youth Club anymore, however Jane wanted to stay connected with the Gap and decided to volunteer for our older adult’s lunch club. Jane subsequently secured a job in a local nursing home, finished a level 2 course in counselling, has started level 3 and continues to volunteer with us on a weekly basis. Her confidence has soared and she is now a happy, independent woman – and a good friend of The Gap