Warwick Dog Training Club

Day & Time:    Thursday, 7.00pm-10.00pm
Main Hall

This Kennel Club Registered organisation specialises in training pet dogs with reward-based methods and promoting responsible dog ownership. All of the dog trainers and committee members are volunteers who bring a wealth of knowledge to the club with a combined dog training experience of well over 100 years! Most of the trainers have dealt with ‘difficult’ dogs of their own and can often talk from experience. Please visit www.warwickdogtrainingclub.co.uk or call 01926 775591.

K9 Concepts

Day & Time:    Friday, 11.00am-12.00noon
Cost:                   £5 per session
Location:         Main Hall

K9 Concepts Dog Training uses positive training techniques to strengthen the bond you have with your dog and teach them that good behaviour results in good things. Your dog should want to please you and be around you, because they think you’re great! You provide them with everything they love and in return you get a well behaved, calm, loving dog. The aim is to create a harmonious relationship whereby both owner and dog enhance each others lives. Often behaviour problems are the result of miscommunication between human and dog, and there is often a simple solution to correcting the problem.  Call 07837131184 for more details or visit www.k9concept.net