Warwick West 2012-2015

In 2012, The Gap was commission by Warwick District Council (WDC) to develop and deliver community activities and foster community engagement between 2012-2015 in the Warwick West area. This project concentrated most activities in the Forbes Estate working with a range of partners. The focus was to work with the most disadvantaged in that geographical area, especially young and older people. Various activities were put in place, however 2 main activities emerged as great successes – Activitea and a NEETs project (Not in employment, education or training) called 34:Me:


  • 34:Me – this project engaged NEETS (Not in Employment, Education or Training) young people in tailored activities in preparation to take the most appropriate path to them. We were very successful in leading the young people to better outcomes, having 100% success rate. All the 17 NEETS young people we engage in the period of 2014-15, were engaged through either apprenticeship, working experience, training and employment.
  • Activitea – this activity, which is still running to this day, is aimed at 55+ older adults. The aim of this activity is to combat social isolation and loneliness as well as improve the well-being of participants. The sessions are divided in 3 themes: gentle exercises, light lunch and arts & crafts.