The Gap Community Centre
Youth Club

39 Oakwood Grove
CV34 5TD

Ages 7-11 (Juniors)           Monday (4.30-6.30pm) & Tuesdays (4.15 – 6.00pm)
Ages 12-16 (Seniors)        Tuesdays (6.15 – 8.00pm)

£1.00 for members and £1.50 for non-members – everyone welcome

Woodloes Community Centre
Youth Club

CV34 5DF

Ages 7-11 (Juniors)           Friday (6.00 – 7.30pm)

£1.00 for members and £1.50 for non-members – everyone welcome

It’s All About Fun…With A Little Bit Of Learning!

At The Gap, we strongly believe that young people should be nurtured and given as much opportunity as possible to achieve their full potential.  Our team of qualified Youth Workers provide a warm and welcoming environment where young people feel a sense of safety and belonging, are supported in their physical, mental and social development and can learn important life skills. We also realise kids just want to be kids, so fun and enjoyment underpins everything we do.


The activities we provide at our two Youth Clubs – The Gap Community Centre and Woodloes Community Centre – have been developed to help our members achieve the following outcomes:

  • Better personal and social relationships
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased healthy lifestyle choices

At Youth Club, you can:

Play Sports activities – Most of our young people enjoy sports, with football being a particular favourite. However, we also run activities such as dodge ball, hockey, table tennis, badminton and Taekwondo.

Participate in mixed media arts and crafts projects – As well as developing new skills, we also focus on cultural themes. This past year we’ve learnt about African and Indian cultures, introducing different elements of these cultures through arts and crafts projects utilising different materials to produce a variety of exciting artwork.

Play games – The youngsters have access to Console games (PS4), table games (pool and air hockey) and board games.

Take part in outdoors activities – We often team up with organisations and members of the local community to learn outdoor skills. For example, last year, our Junior Youth Club members planted bluebells in the local woods with a local resident and learnt survival skills with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. And of course, playing sports in the park is often high on our agenda.

Participate in drama workshops – Our partnership with Warwick Volunteers (university students) has enabled us to provide regular drama workshops, which generally culminate in organised performances for parents and friends to showcase what the young people have learnt.

Access individual support – Mentoring young people and also supporting them with personal issues.

For more information, please contact our Youth Development Manager, Jane Lisle-Holmes on 01926 494200 or